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Scott Absher, CEO of ShiftPixy which is a platform that allows for concert engagement. ShiftPixy had no plans to relocate its headquarters away from California and Florida at the very least until the start of. In the year 2019, ShiftPixy was having a tough time trying to make it into the extremely profitable East Coast restaurant industry and Absher believed that a corporate office near the Atlantic or in close proximity to Latin America, which was on the verge of being looked at as an option for expansion and could be beneficial. “But when we started expanding our operations within Florida it became evident the immense benefits of having the the corporate headquarters in Florida.

The business climate is positive and has proven to be beneficial to this goal, as well as the economic environment can be favorable to those who are looking to relocate from costly California employees. However, there was something which wasn’t as tangible however, it was equally appealing: the sense of enthusiasm and optimism that was the driving force of Absher moving to California’s Silicon Valley of the 1990s. “We witnessed an energetic entrepreneurial culture.” The writer writes. “It was an exciting setting. ”

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Talent is as scarce and in short supply as it gets. Managers naturally seek out institutions that will ensure employees with the skills required. Academia typically operates with no involvement from the business However, some states like Florida have encouraged universities to think about business requirements when they are determining the development of their the curriculum. This has given Professor Absher confidence in the plan to create a human capital plan in the coming years. “There are some truly innovative approaches being adopted by universities in regards to how we can aid the influx of immigrants to Florida to start firms and make employment opportunities? ” Professor Absher says. “II I doubt that you’ll find this in the establishments that are located along this West Coast.

This is a deliberate move This is according to Henry Mack, chancellor of the adult education and career division of the Florida Department of Education, who claims Florida was concerned about how it could meet the demands of the workforce when Covid-19 was passed. Additionally the hospitality sector of Florida was particularly difficult. In the first few days after the CARES law’s funds were made accessible, Florida set 35 million in reserve for the immediate training and education of employees in industries that are affected. “We allowed institutions to ask for the funds to finance the most effective training courses to gain acknowledgement,” claims Mack He estimates that 17,000 Covid employees have been educated by certificate programs with a short duration. This has shown “the ability of colleges to adjust and reverse engineer their programs instantly” in order to meet the needs of their employees. The program’s creator claims that it was designed “with industries in minds “and that they helped make”the Get There Florida initiative which is a joint program that consists of 27 Florida College System institutions and the State’s 48 technical colleges. The program assists students speed up their education. They are working towards the advanced post-secondary certification or an industry-specific certificate. The programs also provide the most recent manufacturing methods as well as logistical and health as well as technological advancements.

The desire to partner with companies, and not be in opposition to them, attracted Michael Martocci, CEO of SwagUp which is a producer of promotional products that have branding. SwagUp. SwagUp has a huge warehouse covering 4000 square feet in New Jersey However, Martocci is intensifying his efforts to establish a presence in Miami “and will turn SwagUp into the center of attention for the innovation process we’ve experienced. ” Martocci was especially impressed by tweets from Miami Mayor Francis Suarez tweeting to different companies about how Miami can benefit businesses and bring in more. “I immediately made contact immediately with him,” Martocci explains, noting that “I cannot even tell the name of the mayor of the town in which we had our headquarters . New Jersey. “

Tom Hoverson, CEO of Comarco Products, the maker of food products Comarco Products, had a similar experience. He tried to purchase a home located in Camden, New Jersey, which turned out to be an administrative nightmare. Instead, he bought an apartment in Palatka, Florida with enough storage space to be able to hold 1,200 pallets. This removed the need for a warehouse owned by the third party they had previously contracted, as well as decreasing the number of steps involved in production. . The transition was completed over the year that followed, Comarco has now employed 60 employees, almost doubling the number of employees. “One that was one of the very pleasant surprise was the warmth of everyone that included the local government as well as the state government as well as Comarco,” says Hoverson. “It’s an entirely different experience from previous days when the day and night were completely different.

“People aren’t understand,” Absher adds, “the funds are put into only in areas where it is most efficient. Certain states are not a great place to do business, and you’ll see the demise of certain established markets. If you’re trying to safeguard your business in the place you’re it is essential to be secure.


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