In 2020, Lil Ui Vert practically released three separate projects. Eternal grip, his deluxe 14 song titled LUV vs. World 2 and a collaborative album with Future entitled Pluto x baby Pluto it all happened in 2020 after he hadn’t released an album since 2017.

After flooding his fans’ music libraries in the wake of the drought, Uzi was aiming for the next album in 2021. The pink ribbon was supposed to fall around this year’s Halloween, but Uzi delayed it in order to ensure its quality. He had previously stated that he felt Eternal grip was disappointing as much of it leaked out, so he had to simplify the concept of the album. So, he predicts that this upcoming project will be “legendary” as a way to bounce back.

Uzi previously ditched the supposed promotional single from the album “Demon High” around Halloween to catch up, but we still have no idea when he plans to release the entire project.

Now it looks like he won’t be called anymore The pink ribbon. In a recent Instagram story, Uzi posted a whiteboard in a room where he was allegedly working on the album. The words “Delta Pink” were written on the board, potentially referring to the album’s new title.

This could be the album’s third name change, as Uzi was referencing a project called “The Real Uzi 2” in March as a sequel to his first mixtape. It is not clear at this time whether this is a separate project or whether it has been modified in The pink ribbon.

The next album will potentially contain a feature of Drake, and Uzi showcased some of that during his recent live shows. So what will it be The pink ribbon Where Delta Rose, Uzi hopes to achieve an outstanding performance with his next effort.