The creators of a new electric skateboard say it blurs the line between skateboard and personal vehicle. The Hadean Series skateboard from Evolve Skateboards has four times the performance of its predecessor, the GTR series, which launched in 2019. With 37% more battery capacity and a top speed of 50 km / h , the Hadean series is one of the most advanced. electric skateboards never produced.

The Hadean Carbon is the world’s first chassis-style frame, a patent-pending design that has allowed Evolve to boost performance without compromising the size and sleek, understated look they are known for. To achieve the strength required in the construction of the bridge frame, they came up with another first for electric skateboarding: forged carbon fiber, which is typically found on high performance super cars. The deck also includes another industry first, air vents, which help keep internal electronics cool. With built-in lights that include features like responsive brake lighting for enhanced safety, the Hadean series represents a new era for advanced electric skateboards and encapsulates everything that has been learned, discovered and imagined by the team that passionately designs electric skateboards since Evolve creation in 2008.

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